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Thomas KindellAvailable Presentations

Thomas Kindell D.Ph.Th.


Teachings are approximately 45 min to 1 hr in length


Is There A Monkey In Your Family Tree?

Examines and powerfully refutes the so-called “evidence” that man evolved from an ape-like ancestor.

The Great Dinosaur Deception-Exposed!

Explains why dinosaurs are evidence for creation, not evolution. Cites considerable Biblical, historical, archeological and scientific evidence that indicates that man and dinosaurs were created together in the past and that some dinosaurs may still be living in remote areas.

Can the Bible Explain the Origin of the Different “Races?”

Answers the question, “Where did Cain get his wife?”  Explains from the Bible and science how all the ethnic types of humans descended from a literal Adam and Eve. Gives the Biblical answer to the scourge of racism.

Answering Skeptics Questions About Genesis

 Answers common questions asked about Genesis concerning “alleged” different accounts of creation found in Genesis Chapters 1 & 2, the longevity of the patriarchs, reality of giants and the feasibility of Noah’s ark.

Worldwide Geologic Evidence of the Genesis Flood

Documents worldwide geological evidence demonstrating that the fossil record is best explained by the global flood of Genesis.

Scriptural Arguments for a Young Earth

Gives a scriptural defense of the traditional young earth doctrine from Genesis and the New Testament. Examines the fatal theological and logical flaws of compromise interpretations of Genesis.

Scientific Evidences for a Young Earth

Examines numerous physical processes in our galaxy, in our solar system and on the earth that indicate that the Biblical age of the earth is correct.

A Critique of Textbook Arguments for Evolution

Presents a systematic refutation of the most common high school and college textbook arguments for evolution.

Irrefutable Examples of Design in Nature

Cites examples of extreme design technology and fantastic instinctive behaviors of a wide variety of creatures 

Irrefutable Examples of Design in Nature - The Bees

Design evidence seen in the structures and complex behaviors of bees.

Irrefutable Examples of Design in Nature - The Birds

Design evidence seen in the structures and complex behaviors of birds.

Thermodynamic Arguments for Creation

Describes why the second law of thermodynamics stands as an insurmountable barrier to a naturalistic origin of life.  Also examines common evolutionists rebuttal arguments and demonstrates their utter bankruptcy.

The Witness of the Fossils

Demonstrates how the fossil record supports the predictions of the Biblical creation account and decisively refutes the predictions of Darwinian evolution.

Evolution and the UFO Connection

Analyzes how the assumed “fact” of evolution has served as the pseudo-scientific justification for the widespread belief in visitations from extraterrestrial aliens.  Answers many common questions about UFOs and aliens from a Biblical perspective.

    Solving the Problem of Distant Stars and a Young Earth

Using proven aspects of Einstein's general theory of relativity, this presentation demonstrates how God could create the earth in six literal days about six thousand years ago, and yet it is scientifically reasonable for us to be able to see stars that are billions of light years away.


Creationist's Contributions to the Advance of Science

This presentation proves that Biblical faith promotes rather than hinders scientific achievement as documented in the biographies of many of history's greatest scientists.


Darwinism - Massacred by a Monarch 

Darwinian theory is destroyed by the powerful evidence of Divine design exhibited in the metamorphic life cycle and precision navigation capabilities of Monarch butterflies.


Evolutionism - The Religion That Offers Nothing

Famous scientists claim that everything literally came from nothing. This presentation documents that their view is religiously motivated, based on a false interpretation of scientific data, and is contradicted by established laws of science. 


The Bill Nye versus Ken Ham Debate: Key Questions Answered

This presentation answers many important questions and refutes false accusations made Bill Nye that we're not adequately addressed during his famous debate with Ken Ham.


Refuting Textbook Arguments for Evolution - Part 1

This presentation refutes high school and college textbook arguments dealing with the origin of the first living cell, mutations and natural selection, alleged observations of true Darwinian evolution in action, and the complete failure of Darwinian mechanisms to explain the origin of information systems in living creatures. 


Refuting Textbook Arguments for Evolution - Part 2

This presentation refutes textbook "evidences" for Darwinian evolution based on vestigial organs, anatomical similarities, molecular similarities, embryonic recapitulation, and the alleged "proofs" based on "Darwin's finches" and the peppered moths.


Fallacies of Evolutionary Geology and Radio- Isotope Dating - Part 1

This presentation reveals how the evolutionists use invalid circular reasoning to date fossils. It also documents the finding of "recently evolved" creatures in "old" rock ages where they should not exist. Biased assumptions, contradictions and failed tests of evolutionary radio-isotope dating methodology invalidate its use to "prove" that earth rocks are millions of years old. Proper understanding of radio-isotope decay actually points to a young earth. 


Fallacies of Evolutionary Geology and Radio-Isotope Dating - Part 2

This presentation documents that the alleged evolutionary "geologic time column" only looks perfect on paper. In the real world it exhibits fatal contradictions on a global scale. Finally, this presentation examines the lethal problem of finding the bones of man and handiworks of man in rocks evolutionists date to be millions of years older than the so called "human era."



Christ’s Resurrection-A Proven Fact of History

Cites considerable historical and legal arguments, which demonstrate that the resurrection of Christ is a legitimate fact of history that would hold up even under cross-examination in a court of law.

Evidence for the Divine Inspiration of the Bible

Discusses the factual evidences that support the Bible's claim to be not only the most unique book in all of history but also the divinely inspired Word of God.


DVDs of these presentations are available for $15 individually or $11 each for orders of 6 or more, or $9 each for the complete set. Orders can be placed by calling 541-778-4584.