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It was a tremendous blessing having Dr. Kindell come share his ministry with our congregation. I believe that if we as the Body of Christ are going to be effective in reaching our culture, which is more and more becoming anti-Biblical, then it is vital that we be equipped to give reasons for our faith. Dr. Kindell’s research and insight have done exactly that for our congregation and will certainly be effective in doing so wherever he ministers. It’s time for sincere seekers of truth to hear the real evidence.

Pastor Jeff Dutra - Mukilteo Foursquare - Mukilteo WA - (425) 347-1211

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This is to heartily recommend the ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell to you and your congregation. Answers to uncertainties wer given and a greater confidence in the trustworthiness of the Bible (on all matters of faith and life) was instilled. As a family with great concerns for giving our children solid "Reasons for Faith," and desiring the church of Christ to be raised with confidence in a world that assaults us at every turn. Reasons for Faith Ministries is a blessing to us and a gift from the Lord.

Pastor Mitch Bourgeois - Lebanon Foursquare Church - Lebanon OR - (541) 451-4397

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We were blessed to have Dr. Thomas Kindell speak in our church and I strongly recommend his highly informational Creation Seminar to all! His presentation cleared up age old questions for many. Dr. Kindell was able to bring profound enlightenment through the Word and scientific evidence to support creation and present the lack of any evidence for evolution! Young and old from our congregation came back every night of the seminar, leaving amazed and talking!

Pastor Mike Woodman - Grace Community Foursquare - Merced CA - (209) 383-5250

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Having just hosted a three-day conference at our church we have been enthralled and delighted by the quality of presentation and the extensive detail of the content. It exceeded all our hopes and expectations. The presentations were Biblically based and included the gospel message where appropriate; such that those who attended with no faith, as well as those who's faith in God's Word varied from shaky to solid, all benefited. The well researched talks highlighted the bankruptcy of the pseudo-scientific explanations proposed by the theory of evolution and showed hard evidence and sound reasons for believing God's creation account in Scripture. I would like to recommend wholeheartedly the lecture series on "God's Creation" as presented by Dr. Thomas Kindell.

Pastor Paul Ogle - Valley View Foursquare - Whitefish MT - (406) 862-1653

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We had Dr. Thomas Kindell for a four-day seminar on Creation versus Evolution. It was a great blessing to all of us. The people purchased many of his books at the book table also. We learned so much and are better equipped to answer those who believe in evolution. Dr. Kindell helped us to understand the Word of God concerning dinosaurs, the age of the earth, the source of racial prejudice and much more. I highly recommend Dr. Kindell for the equipping of the saints for ministry.

Pastor Art Van der Pol - Calvary Faith Center - Ontario CA - (714) 984-9312

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With regards to Dr. Thomas Kindell's ministry, we whole-heartedly, and without reservation recommend him to you. Tom has a way of presenting the "hard facts" so that even the children understand what he's talking about. And, he does so with a good measure of humor. In fact, we think that his humor helps greatly with his presentation, because the subject matter is hard, and in the wrong hands could be very very boring. Tom is not boring! People sat spellbound. Even the kids sat and listened attentively. Tom's teaching material is very thorough. He has ministered to our congregation twice, and we plan to welcome him here on a regular basis. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at the number listed below.

Pastor Kerry Flohr - Eagle Creek Foursquare - Eagle Creek OR - (503) 630-2444

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I would highly recommend Dr. Kindell and his ministry to each pastor and church. His is an essential and much needed ministry in the body of Christ. That lack of understanding within the church concerning origins and beginnings as presented in the first eleven chapters of Genesis has left believing Christians without a most formidable weapon for the advancing of the gospel and the saving of souls. Dr. Kindell’s seminar is one of the best constituted and well presented in the field of creation teaching that I have seen. His knowledge of the facts, his audio-visual presentation, and his spiritual approach allow all participants over late elementary school age to grasp the powerful truth of creation, sin and the need of a Savior. The response of our congregation was universally amazed and excited. Many commented that they were strengthened in their faith and equipped to address evolution challenges for the first time.

Pastor Paul M. Holland—Sparks Foursquare Church—Sparks NV—(702) 331-3147


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