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It is my delight to recommend the unique ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell which is meeting an area of great need in the church today. We had Dr. Kindell present The Case for Creation seminar and several months later we still have testimonials coming in of how much it blessed and helped people in solidifying their faith in the Biblical account of creation. Dr. Kindellís media presentation along with his vast knowledge in this area of science makes his seminar informative, interesting and inspirational.

Pastor Cecil Barham - First Assembly of God - El Centro CA - (760) 352-4898

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Dr. Thomas Kindell held our interest and attention with three presentations on the doctrine of Creation. Combining factual evidence from science, math and history along with clear teaching from Scripture. Dr. Kindell showed how a proper understanding of Creation gives a necessary foundation for the doctrines of manís fall and of Godís salvation. He spoke logically, authoritatively, yet without pride. We came away with a much, much greater appreciation for Godís wisdom and power in Creation. I recommend Dr. Kindellís ministry without reservation. He comes intellectually and spiritually qualified to address the issues of Creation vs. Evolution.

Pastor David Irwin - Presbyter, Coast Counties Section - King City CA - (831) 385-5107

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I am writing this letter to highly recommend Dr. Thomas Kindell. Dr. Kindellís timely and though-provoking presentation on Creation vs. Evolution challenged each of us. We as the Body of Christ need to be firm in the Biblical teaching that God is creator. I recommend his ministry to your church.

Pastor Norm Brotzman - Newcastle Assembly of God - Newcastle WY - (307) 746-2249

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Dr. Kindellís ministry on The Case for Creation was very well received at our church. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and communicated his message in a very interesting and clear manner. I would recommend him for your church without hesitation.

Pastor Stan Steward - Calvary Community Assembly - Las Vegas NV - (702) 656-2900

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I would like to communicate to you my personal convictions that Dr. Thomas Kindell has contributed greatly to the hearts of the people in my church. Our faith in the Lord has been strengthened and our faith in the errant Word of God has been greatly supported. I appreciate Dr. Kindellís humble attitude in seeking to minister the truth; and his expertise in the use of scientific support I found to be exceptional. I have no fear of recommending his ministry to you and may you enjoy the blessing we have received from his time with us.

Pastor Leland M. Geer - Shelton Assembly of God - Shelton WA - (360) 426-6237

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We at Word of Life Assembly were privileged to have the multi-media Creation Seminar with Dr. Thomas J. Kindell in June of 2003. His understanding of the evolutionary mindset and thorough grasp of all the pertinent scientific data, make for an unassailable presentation for Creation and the Bible as the only absolute authority and foundation for any scientific truth. I can recommend this seminar to those who would seek scientific truth based on the Bible and answers for the onslaught of pseudoscientific misinformation and unbiblical theories presented in our schools and media today. Donít miss this opportunity to reach your community with the Gospel.

Pastor Dave Wallis, Adult Ministries - Word of Life Assembly of God - Prescott AZ - (928) 445-406

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Solid faith needs a solid foundation! These solid foundations of faith can be corrupted by false-teaching or no-teaching on the issues of creation. Unfortunately, since the theories of evolution have taken center stage in the public arena, the church has either avoided the issues of creation or tried to synchronize the theories of evolution with doctrines of creation. Dr. Kindell is a skilled communicator who is helping the church restore the foundational blocks of her faith by teaching the scientific facts of creation. His teaching will help build your faith in God as Creator and Redeemer. I especially urge EVERY High School and College student to participate in one of his seminars. Every participant, young and old alike, will gain a greater appreciation for the TRUTH of Godís Word that is confirmed time and time again by scientific evidence. I highly recommend Dr. Kindellís seminar, "The Case for Creation," to every serious student of science or the Bible.

Pastor Daniel L. Zitterkopf - Bayard Assembly of God - Bayard NE - (308) 586-1340

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Allow me to recommend the ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell and Reasons for Faith Ministries. We recently had him speak and were super blessed! The content of his teaching is Biblical, well researched, documented and very relatable. The Case for Creation connected with adults as well as grade school children. At a time when our culture and certain education systems continue to teach and buy the lies of Satan through the theory of evolution, you will find this ministry very timely in itís mission. You will be wise and I encourage you to utilize Dr. Kindell to assist you in growing your people. They will receive invaluable instruction that will build their faith in Christ.

Pastor Jeff Anderson - First Assembly of God - Rapid City SD - (605) 342-8265


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