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To those seeking a rock solid refutation of the Evolution "Theory" being taught our children and grandchildren from pre-school through graduate school, I highly recommend Dr. Kindell as a guest speaker. We were fortunate to have him teach our young home-schoolers as well as several adult audiences. We ran the gamut from elementary school age through Middle school science teachers to professionals employed by Lincoln Laboratory of MIT. All were impressed with Dr. Kindellís knowledge and presentation. Many with advanced degrees in the sciences commented that they had not realized how much they had been brainwashed by the teaching of evolution as science. We were glad we had him here first as our guests enthusiastically bought up so much of his materials that some were sold out before he went to his next engagement. We are looking forward to having him back next year and are searching for a bona fide evolutionist to debate him to allow "Truth" to triumph over "Theory."

Pastor Joseph DiChiaro, Jr. - Calvary Fellowship - Londonderry NH - (603) 421-9229

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I would like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell to any group desiring to understand the truth about creation and evolution. Those at our church are still talking about the seminar and are planning to continue to study the materials he recommended. I have often found myself saying, "And as Dr. Kindell taught usÖ" it all really does go back to Genesis. He presents a clear and accurate explanation of how science truly backs up the Bible. The systematic and interesting way he displayed the case for creation, along with some well timed humor, and the sincerity of his passion for God and His truth, all blended together in one of the most rewarding times our church has experienced. I hope and pray that this is the beginning of a strong friendship and ministry relationship.

Pastor Rick Cohen - Adirondack Christian Fellowship - Saratoga Springs NY - (518) 587-0623

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I write this letter to recommend to you the ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell. Dr. Kindell is an excellent speaker and teacher, providing an authoritative presentation on Biblical creation and the fallacies of evolution. Confronting these subjects head-on, his message breaks through the walls of the secular world's indoctrination and provides solid facts and answers to evolutionís toughest questions. Our congregation was challenged to think and to search the Scriptures concerning the many issues he raised, including subjects on the origin of dinosaurs and the direct connection between Darwinism and racism. As he visited with us, Dr. Kindell continually demonstrated a servantís heart, a warm sense of humor and a great passion for the things of God. We fully intend to have him share with us again.

Pastor Jay McCarl - Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide - Greenwood CA - (530) 823-1622

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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the wonderful ministry of Dr. Thomas Kindell. I have seen many speakers bore people with scientific jargon. It was so wonderful to have a man teach hard concepts and put them into simple language. We did not have any idea how Dr. Kindell would relate to young people and we were blessed to see even our fifth grade getting excited by the studies. Thomas is a man who deeply loves the Lord and he was more than willing to teach in our school. He taught four high-school and two junior-high classes. At night he taught general sessions for the fellowship. People came to hear Dr. Kindell from all over the area we were excited to see the hunger in their hearts for the truth of God's creation. We look forward to having Dr. Kindell come back to our fellowship and share what we feel is the most comprehensive series of studies anywhere on the subject of Creation and evolution. I highly recommend him. Please call me if you have any questions.

Pastor Bob Wagner - Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel - Yucca Valley CA - (760) 365-0769

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We here at Calvary Chapel of Paradise have just had a seminar on the Biblical account of creation by Dr. Thomas Kindell. His knowledge of both the scriptures and science is as impressive as any I have heard. Dr. Kindell is a Christian Apologist of the first rank. He clearly shows the Genesis record of creation is not only scientifically accurate, but shows that God is the "eyewitness scientist" who has given us the clear facts on the origin of life. He points out the doctrines of sin and salvation are directly affected by how one interprets the Genesis record. I plan on having him back and highly recommend him to you and the congregation that God has alloted you.

Pastor Dave Sweet - Calvary Chapel of Paradise - Paradise CA - (530) 873-3114



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